Spice Web Design

What do we do?

Spice Web Design are in the business of helping other businesses fully utilise the web. We really love WordPress, and use it to build a good many of the websites we build for our clients. We do all this by providing the following services:

Web Design

We design websites using specialist software that allows us to do it very quickly and cost effectively. We know what works and doesn't work on the web for different kinds of businesses.


We are specialists in building cost effective ecommerce sites.
Whether you have a handful of products or thousands, bespoke hand crafted items or bulk imports from China, we can tailor the site to work best for your business.


Search Engine Optimisation

You wouldn't build a beautiful shop and hide it in the woods, would you?
Well there's no point having a beautiful website if nobody can find it! We can help you to make sure that doesn't happen!

Web Hosting

We run our own dedicated web servers that host most of our clients' websites, hosted in a professional data centre with redundant power and network etc.
This means we have complete control of our host facilities, whilst they're located in a professionally maintained environment.