The Dangers of Online Downloads

We’ve all done it. Even the most tech-savvy of people have been caught in the spider’s web, and reeled in by a destructive download. When talking about a Trojan takeover, you could be forgiven for thinking that Turkey has invaded, though not even the most technologically green could confuse Malware for Malaysian dress. An internet […]

Web Design Industry Analysis

Web Design Industry Analysis

The Infographic below (from Webydo) compares professionals with amateurs within the web design industry, the various different web development methodologies, and provides some very interesting facts. Did you know there are around 785,000,000 websites, which is increasing by around 16,000,000 each month? Professional designers and developers create around 74% of these, whilst DIY users only […]

A Slick Site and Marketing are Key

Five short years ago, if your business had any kind of website whatsoever, you could boast an advantage over some of your competitors. Now, in 2014, online business is practically ubiquitous throughout all retail and services businesses. In order to stand out from the crowd in this day and age, you don’t just need to […]

Is Your WordPress Software Up To Date?

WordPress is very popular software This is generally a good thing, especially since it’s developed by a huge group of volunteers from all over the world. If it weren’t so popular, then there wouldn’t be so many volunteers always working on the next release. However, being popular can have its downsides. For example, many of […]

New EU Cookie Law – Is Your Website Compliant?

On 26th May 2011, the UK Government were one of the first in the European Union (EU) to implement the new EU Cookie Law, albeit with a twelve month grace period, which expired Saturday 26th May 2012! What does this mean? Well, if you own or run a website targeting citizens of the European Union, and this website tracks users in any […]