The Dangers of Online Downloads

We’ve all done it. Even the most tech-savvy of people have been caught in the spider’s web, and reeled in by a destructive download.
Online Slots

Online Slots

When talking about a Trojan takeover, you could be forgiven for thinking that Turkey has invaded, though not even the most technologically green could confuse Malware for Malaysian dress. An internet download is now second nature to many, though with anything internet related there is always a risk attached.

The Problem

Online games have become the target of hackers in recent years, who have been able to inject malware and worms into certain downloads. In 2011, Computer Weekly claimed that the most at risk were simple children’s games, such as ‘spot the difference’ and any downloadable games could be laced with Trojans that re-direct children to websites capable of installing data onto computers to steal financial information.


Trojan Horse of Troy

Trojan Horse of Troy

Otherwise known as Trojan horses, this is an aptly named term derived from the Greeks sending a Trojan horse into Troy, in order to capture the city. They are used similarly on the internet, and are often disguised as tempting offers, or downloads. With the popularity of social gaming on the rise, they have become more common in this industry – hackers realising that it is easy pickings, with the target audience typically less tech-savvy.

Trojan Horse of Troy

Key logging

Used as a means of monitoring someone’s computer actions, this has also become very popular for hackers in online gaming. The theory being, the software is planted into downloads surreptitiously in order to lure people into transferring it onto their computers. More often than not, this method is more pre-meditated and aimed at a specific person rather than utilised at random.

The Solution

With the continuing emergence of the online gaming market, there are options where you don’t have to download, such as amongst others, where you can play and practise the game of your choice without ever having to deposite a penny or sign up to the website.. A lot of sites have games that don’t need to be downloaded in order for users and customers to play, and this has given rise to casino-orientated slot-based games. All that is needed is a deposit, where details are safeguarded by the site, and then you’re free to play. As a result, these companies take online security seriously though it should be stressed that users of their sites also have measures in place to protect themselves against viruses and malware.

There will always continue to be dangers surrounding online downloads, with more and more sensitive information now available on people’s social media profiles. Trojan horses and worms are now a thing of the past. Future viruses may not even leave trails.

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