Web Design Industry Analysis

The Infographic below (from Webydo) compares professionals with amateurs within the web design industry, the various different web development methodologies, and provides some very interesting facts.

Did you know there are around 785,000,000 websites, which is increasing by around 16,000,000 each month? Professional designers and developers create around 74% of these, whilst DIY users only create around 3%. And more than 45% if all businesses don’t even have a website as yet!

On average, 30% of people’s budgets go to design, whilst around 70% goes to manual coding – clearly many of these developers should really start to use WordPress!

Of the websites that are started by amateurs, only 2% achieve success in publishing a website on a domain name.

It also confirms what we already know – that WordPress is by far the market leader, beating its nearest competitor by a factor of around six!


Webydo-Infographic Web Design Industry Analysis

Infographic source: Webydo

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