WordPress and Content Management Systems

We love WordPress. We have used it to build many, many different websites.

WordPress LogoWordPress is a popular platform for building websites and blog sites. It's powerful and versatile, yet simple for clients to manage once we've built their sites.
By using WordPress, we can focus our skills and efforts on building a site that's right for the client, knowing that all the coding has already been done. This is how we can build websites to such a professional standard so cost effectively.

Already Have a Non-WordPress Site?

If your current website is built using some other platform or technology, then we can make it into a WordPress site. Effectively building a new site on the WordPress platform, and designing a theme to look like your current site (unless of course you'd like it to look different?), we could bring all the benefits of using WordPress to your existing site. That means it'll be easy for you or your staff to manage and keep up to date and not expensive to change the design - as many times as you like!

The Benefits of Using WordPress

  • Easy to manage websites and blog sites
  • Platform already developed, tested and regularly updated
  • Thousands of plugins provide almost unlimited functionality
  • Simple to change design of site using free, premium or custom themes
  • WordPress is totally free to use

Using WordPress Already?

If you're already using WordPress for your website or blog site, then you're in luck! We can redesign your site for a much lower cost than if you weren't, since having agreed the design with you, we build a WordPress Theme and simply install it onto your site.

And, if we host the site for you, then we'll keep the WordPress software and plugins up to date automatically for you!

If you’d like to find out how WordPress could help your business…

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